Desean Jackson would be a great complementary receiver to Mike Evans:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Tampa Buccaneers have made their interest in DeSean Jackson very public. First Jameis Winston talked about how much he wanted DeSean Jackson in a Buccaneers uniform and then the team confirmed they planned on making a major push for Jackson’s services in free agency. Last season Jackson had 1,005 receiving yards so the 30 year old receiver is definitely still a competent player. Not only that but Jackson could come into Tampa’s offensive system and be an immediate vertical threat. Jackson’s speed can take the top off the defense and Winston’s arm strength would mesh well with Jackson’s capabilities. That’s what makes signing DeSean Jackson such a compelling move for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he would also be the ideal 2nd option to Mike Evans. Evans was an absolute star last season recording 1,321 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. With Jackson on the Bucs roster the team will have a shot at having 2 1,000 yard receivers in 2017. That could lead to a huge year for Jameis Winston and really it’s a no brainer to add DeSean Jackson if you’re Tampa’s front office. When building a football team you want to put the most dynamic offense on the field you possible can. Jackson brings a lot of speed to the table and that can result in a whole lot of points. The bad news for the Bucs is several other teams are also competing for Jackson’s services. The most notable of those teams are the Cowboys and the Patriots, so Tampa Bay will have to out bid those other teams to land Jackson. It would be a less risky move to go to the Patriots or Cowboys if Jackson wants to win. However the Buccaneers could be a surprise team in 2017 similar to how the Cowboys were last season (especially if they land D Jack). It will be up to Jackson to take into account each team’s potential for success and all the financial factors as well. Ultimately he has to make the best move for himself.

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