Deshaun Watson: The face of a franchise

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With the NFL combine currently taking place there are plenty of players looking to make a name for themselves. While the combine only allows a sample of each athletes athletic prowess, there is one player who certainly left his mark on college football. That player is Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and if you watched the last 2 college football National Championships you surely know Watson’s name. The first time around didn’t go so well for Deshaun Watson, the Tigers were defeated by the Crimson Tide 45-40 but you could see just how much of a competitor Deshaun Watson was. Watson threw for 405 passing yards and 4 touchdowns in a losing effort. That proved Watson could play but not getting the victory definitely tarnished that performance. Fast forward exactly 1 year later, the Tigers have made it all the way back to the National Championship and who is Clemson playing in the final game? You guessed the Alabama Crimson Tide, a rematch from the year before and a shot at redemption for Deshaun Watson. The Tigers ended up winning that game 35-31 and Watson finished with 420 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. That’s 825 passing yards and 7 touchdowns on the biggest stages Deshaun Waston has ever played on. It’s that ability to perform when the pressure is on that sets Deshaun Watson apart from the other quarterbacks in this draft. There has been a lot of praise for Mitchell Trubisky out of North Carolina, make no mistake about it though Watson is the best quarterback in this draft. Watson measured in at 6’2 221 pounds at the combine and it’s that big frame that allows him to operate with such precision from the pocket. That size will suit Watson well in the NFL, and what a pick this would be for the San Francisco 49ers at the number 2 spot. Kyle Shanahan’s brilliant play calling would mesh perfectly with Watson’s playmaking abilities. That could be a match made in heaven and we will see if the 49ers select Watson when the time comes? We have heard rumors that the 49ers are trying to pull the trigger on a deal for Kirk Cousins. If that doesn’t go through expect Deshaun Watson to end up in San Francisco, and expect Watson to be the face of the franchise.

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