Is waiting to trade Deshaun Watson the right move for the Texans?

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Texans are staying put. They don’t plan on trading Deshaun Watson unless it’s for the right value. The Texans will even let Watson sit for the whole year if that’s what they have to do. And the thinking behind that is if Watson’s name is cleared. Then he’ll be worth more in a trade. Now the problem is if Watson is out an entire year. Then he might not be worth as much one year from now. And he might not be the same player. Sitting out a year didn’t help Le’Veon Bell at all. In fact it was the nail in the coffin for his career. Because the speed of the game started to pass him by. The last thing Watson wants to do is go down that same path. For his sake he needs a trade to happen soon. And to be honest the Texans should be thinking the same thing. The best move is to get the best offer that’s out there. And turn the page on this era. The team will be better off with out the Watson trade hanging over their head.

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