Detroit Lions Win: Caldwell still needs to go though


Photo credit: Mike Morbeck

By Tammy Kuzma

Let’s be honest….there wasn’t a team in the NFL that needed a win this week more than the Detroit Lions. Nor a coach that needed it more than Jim Caldwell. Detroit fans certainly didn’t think they would be entering Week 6 of the 2015 season without a single win. A feat they haven’t seen since 2008 when the Lions went 0-16.

While this week’s desperately sought after victory was finally what fans have been waiting for it still wasn’t pretty for Caldwell. No offense to the 2008 team but this year’s roster is certainly stronger and more talented. So why an 0-5 start. One word, COACHING.

Example: your record is 0-5, there are 3 minutes left in the game, its fourth down and you’re down by 7. If you’re on the 45 yard line you kick a field goal but if you’re on the 13 yard line you go for it.

Caldwell continues to stand behind his coaching staff unwilling to make any changes. He pulled a sleight of hand move last week benching Stafford and it seemed to work. While the sports world was focusing on Stafford’s inability to deliver there was little chatter on the failures of Caldwell and his staff.

The offense is a mess. Plagued by turnover and penalties which are a result of bad execution by the team along with bad play calling and the sequence of the play calls by the coaching staff. The Lions have the worst run game in the league. While their defense is still a bit inconsistent we have seen improvement from week to week.

Hot off this week’s win, I doubt we will see Caldwell make any changes this week but how many more losses before he pulls the sleight of hand move again and fires Offensive Coach Joe Lombardi to save himself? In Caldwell’s own words, “anytime you have play going on like that, I certainly think that it warrants some changes.” Come on Mrs. Ford, the fans are counting on you to make the change.

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