Did Derwin James provide a spark for the Chargers last night?

Author: Jon Kuzma


He absolutely did. Don’t get caught up on the fact that Derwin James got ejected. Because he’s the one guy you tell not to change. Derwin James needs to keep playing the game like he always has. Don’t worry about the ejection. Because sooner or later those big plays will make a difference for the Chargers. They already have if we’re being honest. He played less than half of a game last night and James made more plays than some safeties have all season. James had the interception at the end of the first quarter. The big hit on the ejection also swung some momentum in the Chargers favor. Those plays went a long way in winning that game last night. So you learn to live with James’ aggressive mistakes. Because you don’t want to take anything away from his game.

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