Did Lamar Jackson just take the lead in the MVP race? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


We’re three games into the NFL season. But right now we all know who the MVP is. Lamar Jackson has separated himself from the pack. He went on the road and set Bill Belichick’s defense on fire. They didn’t have an answer for Jackson. Jackson scored five touchdowns in that game. The pass that stood out to me was the throw to Devin Duvernay. Just because that was a big time throw. It was also the play that helped the Ravens pull away. Jackson realized it was crunch time. So he made sure he seized the moment. It should also be noted that Jackson has twelve touchdowns in the first three games. This is why I’ve been saying all off-season that Jackson pulls more weight than anyone else in the NFL. It’s amazing how much he means to the Ravens. He’s been the Most Valuable Player in football up until this point.

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