Did Myles Garrett convince Jadeveon Clowney to come back to the Browns? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


Jadeveon Clowney is close to signing with the Browns. The two sides could strike an agreement any day now. And Myles Garrett is a big reason Clowney is coming back. Those two guys gelled last year. Which is why Garrett has been publicly recruiting Clowney every chance he gets. But that’s not the only reason Clowney wants to come back. The other reason is because the Browns got Deshaun Watson. So it’s a great time to be a Brown. Myles Garrett understands that. Jadeveon Clowney understands that. That’s why they’re getting the defensive line back together. Garrett and Clowney want a fresh crack at the NFL with Watson as their quarterback. They believe that’s a good enough reason to keep their pass rushing tandem intact.

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