Did Trevor Lawrence show that he can take a punch last year? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


I have to be honest with you guys. Trevor Lawrence showed some toughness last year. He went into a tough situation. One that could’ve easily broke Lawrence down. But that didn’t happen. Lawrence started every single game as a rookie. He hung in there even though it had to be frustrating. Which is actually a great sign for Lawrence. Just compare what he did to Zach Wilson with the Jets. Lawrence was in a worse situation. Yet he found a way to gut it out. Whereas Wilson missed four games. And seemed to be overwhelmed by the moment. It’s little things like that which gives us an indication of who’s really the better player. Lawrence never backed down, he never shied away, and he always led from the front during his rookie year. So you know the other players on the Jaguars respect Lawrence for that.

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