Did Von Miller just tell the Broncos to go get Aaron Rodgers?

Author: Jon Kuzma

Von Miller is still the vocal leader of the Broncos. Which became clear as day. When he spoke out about what Denver should do at quarterback. Miller pulled off a balancing act. By saying John Elway and George Paton are the guys. Who could pull off a trade for Aaron Rodgers. And then Miller highlighted the fact that Elway was able to lure Peyton Manning to the Mile High City nine years ago. But like a true leader should. Miller also backed Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. Just in case a deal for Rodgers doesn’t happen. Now the big takeaway from all of this. Is Miller gave Elway and Paton the green light to go get Rodgers. This is Miller’s way of saying. If you want to win. You have to go get the best players. And there’s no doubt Rodgers will be a lot better than Lock or Bridgewater. If the Broncos are serious. About getting back on track. We know Rodgers is their best shot at it.

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