Dilemma in Denver. The Broncos’ defense will unravel without Von Miller but if the team keeps him beyond 2019 their salary cap situation could spiral out of control:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


With most of Von Millerā€™s dead cap in the rear-view mirror the Denver Broncos could consider trading Miller in order to save $31M over the course of the 2020 and 2021 seasons. Obviously the last thing this team wants to do is lose out on one of the best pass rushers in the entire NFL. That could cause the Broncos to regress into a bottom tier franchise but the same thing can happen if they end up retaining Miller. There would be no money to improve the other positions on their roster with that mega contract on the books. Not only that but it seems like thereā€™s tension between John Elway and Miller so that could also play a role in whether or not the future Hall of Famer stays or goes? If anything does end up happening it will probably come in the form of a trade so Denver can get something in return. Now this is where things get tricky because everything becomes about timing. The Broncos donā€™t want to hold on for too long because Miller is getting older and he could have a bad year (which would decrease his value). At the same time though they’re already on the hook for his 2019 salary and if theyā€™re going to pay for Miller they mine as well keep him on the team for at least one more season. Finally you have to analyze the psychology behind Elway and you know heā€™ll send Miller somewhere decent as a token of his appreciation for winning Super Bowl 50 (It would also make Elway look like a class act). The last thing Elway wants to do is trade Miller to an AFC team and go against him for the next half a decade. Meaning Millerā€™s preferred destination (Dallas Cowboys) is on the table if they chose not to re-sign Demarcus Lawrence and made the trade happen down the line. The Rams could also be in play if they decided to let Ndamukong Suh walk. Then thereā€™s a team like the Seattle Seahawks who could be in the market for another pass rusher especially if they lose Frank Clark. Really all options are on the table but this is the direction things are heading. Broncos fans better enjoy this last season of watching Miller because time is winding down.

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Von Miller’s time in Denver could be winding down and it’s because the Broncos’ salary cap situation will spiral out of control if they keep him

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