Does it feel like it’s too soon to write off Richard Sherman?

Author: Jon Kuzma

Life can be tough sometimes. And that goes for all of us. So when Richard Sherman was arrested for burglary domestic violence. It became clear that Sherman is going through some things. There’s no denying this is a low point for him. But this is also a chance for Sherman to get the help he needs. Help that will allow him to walk away from this situation as a better human being. The biggest problem in all of this. Is Sherman’s lack of control. The 911 call from Sherman’s wife. Painted a picture of a man who is struggling with alcohol abuse. Which is his first hurdle. Using alcohol to dull the pain. Is like stacking a layer of problems on top of the original problem. Sherman might be afraid of having to reinvent himself. Because so much of his identity was tied up into being a football player. And his career is winding down. But if he strengthens his mind. Sherman will be surprised by how many opportunities are ahead of him. Educating himself, exercising, finding new hobbies so he can develop more self awareness. Those things will be the key to unlocking Sherman’s potential after football. It’s not too late for him.

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