Does Sean Payton want to coach the Cowboys next year?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Sean Payton has decided to step away from the Saints. But don’t expect him to be out of coaching for too long. Payton has his eye on an even bigger prize. Payton is ready to go back to the Cowboys. He coached there in the past with Bill Parcels. And Sean Payton knows the Cowboys job is the holy grail as far as coaching jobs go. Nobody has more resources, nobody does better ratings, and Payton also knows that the Cowboys need a real coach. Jerry Jones knows that too. So they’re both looking at each other and saying “hey this is a perfect fit.” Now Jones has to get Payton out of his contract with the Saints if they want to make it happen. That would probably take a trade. And the Cowboys would also have to fire Mike McCarthy. But both sides want this to happen. There’s just a lot of hurdles that have to be cleared to make it a reality.