Dont’a Hightower signs a 4 year $43.5 million dollar contract with the New England Patriots:

Photo credit: Mike Stone / Getty Images Sport

The Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets made a huge push for Dont’a Hightower’s services but in the end he returned to Foxborough to play for the team that drafted him. The 27 year old linebacker received a 4 year $43.5 million dollar contract to stay with the Pats and it’s a huge signing for New England. After a terrific off-season Bill Belichick struck gold when he beat out Pittsburgh and New York for Hightower and New England looks even more talented than they were when they won the Super Bowl a month ago. Hightower is a 6’4 270 pound inside middle linebacker who can dominate in between the offensive tackles. Belichick didn’t want to lose that unique blend of talent and now Hightower will be in the mix for at least the next 4 years. With 372 career tackles and 17 career sacks that’s great news for Patriots fans and the AFC East will once again have their hands full. Offensive lines will have to do everything they can to keep Hightower out of their “a gaps” and that will still likely be a losing battle for those particular offenses. Hightower just has too much tenacity and that is why so many different teams were courting his services. Hightower will receiver $19 million in guaranteed money so it’s a good deal for him and he gets to stay in a system he is familiar with. That means Hightower should hit the ground running in 2017 and there won’t be that learning curve he would have had if he had to learn a new playbook. In the end this is a great deal for the Patriots and they are the clear favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2017. It’s because they are best in the business at disposing and acquiring talent.

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