Doug Baldwin is looking to follow up his stellar 2015 performance with more production:

Photo credit: Jamie Squire

Author: Jon Kuzma

Doug Baldwin finished in a 3 way tie for league leader in touchdown catches in 2015 with 14. That total was tied along with Allen Robinson and Brandon Marshall two other outstanding players. That goes to show the company Baldwin is associated with when it comes to catching the football and the future is bright for the Seahawks’ emerging star. Baldwin carved up opposing defensive backfields all year long and his talents were most notably on display against the Ravens and Steelers last year. Against both those teams Baldwin finished with 3 touchdown receptions and when you have a player putting up that much production by himself, good things usually happen for that players team. Those are big returns for Seattle considering that the team acquired Doug Baldwin by signing him as an undrafted free agent in 2011. Since then Baldwin has recorded 29 touchdown catches and 3,826 receiving yards. Pretty impressive stats when you consider that no team even wanted this guy in the 2011 Draft. Seattle has a history of taking players who were less valued and turning them into true contributors. It comes from their strong system and Pete Carrollā€™s ability to mold players into successful NFL players. Baldwin also benefited from establishing a chemistry with quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson is pretty good at extending plays with his feet and establishing that rapport with Baldwin allowed the two to understand where the holes in the defense are going to be when Wilson does run. That has resulted in a spike in Doug Baldwinā€™s production and the pair could be even better in 2016. Baldwin also has done a great job improving his abilities when it comes to acrobatic catches. We’ve seen some pretty big time catches out of Baldwin whether he was making a 1 handed reception or elevating and high pointing the football by out jumping everyone. Those little techniques and intricacies of the wide receiver position come with experience and itā€™s clear Doug Baldwin is further along than anyone thought he would be. Landing this guy as a undrafted free agent is like finding a diamond in the rough, it doesnā€™t happen very often but every once in awhile a rare talent like Baldwin comes along. Seahawks fans have to be ecstatic about this guyā€™s play on the football field.

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