Down and out. The Miami Dolphins have decided that sticking with Ryan Tannehill would be a waste of time:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Everything started off great when the Miami Dolphins selected Ryan Tannehill in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The fans in South Florida were hoping that Tannehill could be on par with Dan Marino and be the franchiseā€™s next great quarterback. However several years later itā€™s another miss for the Dolphins and now it looks like theyā€™ll end up releasing Tannehill. This definitely changes the makeup of the team because now they have to find the next guy to build around. Thereā€™s already been some reports that Miami plans on tanking in 2019 and drafting Tua Tagovailoa. Truthfully thatā€™s a bad course of action because it will cause morale to plummet. Not only would the players be a lot less productive but the media and press would create a toxic environment. So trying to hold out for Tagovailoa isnā€™t a great plan and the front office should address the position in the upcoming draft. Daniel Jones, Kyler Murray, and Will Grier could all be on the board. The other option would be trading up and landing someone like Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock. Hereā€™s another scenario though and it might work to perfection for the Dolphins. What if they drafted the best players available for their first two picks (excluding a QB). Then in the 3rd round took a shot on someone like Tyree Jackson out of Buffalo. Jackson looked outstanding at the Senior Bowl and thereā€™s clearly some substance to his game. Tannehill is a a decent player and his 123 touchdowns and only 75 interceptions prove that. However Jackson will bring a confidence to South Beach that hasnā€™t been seen there in quite a bit of time. Going that route would also leave this organization with options should they want to get a QB in the first round later on. As far as Tannehill goes heā€™ll have to find his next job and thereā€™s a lot of speculation that heā€™ll wind up in Cincinnati. The Bengals plan on hiring Zac Taylor and he spent time with Tannehill at Texas A and M and with the Miami Dolphins. Maybe those two will wind up ushering in a new era of football in Ohio?

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Down and out. The Miami Dolphins will release Ryan Tannehill this off-season.

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