Due to an uptick in coronavirus cases. The NFL has decided to cancel the Hall of Fame Game:

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Back in 2016 the NFL had to cancel the Hall of Fame Game because of poor field conditions. And now the Hall of Fame Game has been cancelled again due to the coronavirus. The worst thing about this latest cancellation is that it might not be a one time thing like back in 2016. Because the regular season is quickly approaching and this is a big red flag. The league sold over 20,000 tickets to this event and they were ready to go. But an uptick in coronavirus cases caused the game to be called off. The last thing the NFL needs is people getting sick or dying because of their actions. So if this is any indication of how the future is going to play out. We could see the whole preseason scraped. Or ever worse the entire regular season as well. We have to take a wait and see approach and see if things take a turn for the better. But this just might be the first domino to fall since COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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