Does having three pro bowlers prove how dominant the Eagles offensive line is?

Author: Jon Kuzma


When you watch an Eagles game. You’ll notice right away how physical they are on the offensive line. They’re just walling everything down. With their zone blocking scheme. Which opens things up for Miles Sanders and Kenneth Gainwell. But it’s the personnel upfront that really makes that scheme work. Jason Kelce has to be mentioned first. Just because he plays at such a high level. He’s also the vocal leader for that team. Then you think about the other two Pro Bowlers. Lane Johnson is one of them. He’s probably the only offensive tackle that’s up there with Trent Williams. We also can’t forget Landon Dickerson made the Pro Bowl too. Those three are so tough for the Eagles. It’s why it doesn’t matter if it’s the running backs or Jalen Hurts. Everybody can get in on the action when it comes to the Eagles running game.

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