Eagles emerge as the front runner to sign Jamaal Charles:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With Jamaal Charles being released yesterday by the Kansas City Chiefs there is already 1 team that is interested in his services. Thatā€™s right the Philadelphia Eagles have expressed interest in Charles and if you donā€™t remember current Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson served as the Chiefs offensive coordinator before being hired by Philly. That past connection is really the underlining factor of why Philadelphia wants Charles and truthfully he would be a great fit in the Eagles offensive system. After 3 years of Chip Kellyā€™s overzealous offensive approach Pederson came in and went back to a more traditional offensive philosophy. That seemed to fit Philadelphia much better and this team is a great location if youā€™re a running back. Pederson loves tight offensive formations with a fullback and a tight tend. That extra blocking should mesh well with Jamaal Charles and keep an eye on whether or not the Eagles pull the trigger on this deal or not? The bad news for Charles is negotiations could fall through due to the fact that he is 30 years old and hasnā€™t rushed for over 400 yards in his last 2 seasons. In fact Charles hasnā€™t combined for more than 500 yards rushing over the last 2 years and that has to be a serious red flag for some teams. If the Eagles do want to bring Charles on board it will be an audition year meaning Jamaal Charles will have to play for way less money than he is used to. If he can outperform expectations that would be the first steps to getting back to a healthier pay day. Truthfully it will come down to how much Charles wants to continue to play? After back to back poor seasons and 9 different years of training camp, you have to wonder if Jamaal Charles is burned out from the grind? If thatā€™s the case maybe Charles will walk away from football but expect him to weigh his offers before making a final decision.

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