Eddie Lacy worked out for the Baltimore Ravens after being out of the league for an entire year. Lacy is hoping to land a job and get back to contributing on the football field:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Former Green Bay Packers star Eddie Lacy had a tryout with the Baltimore Ravens and he was actually out of football for the 2018 season. Lacy lit it up in his first two years in the NFL rushing for back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons and 20 touchdowns. However the last three years have been rough for Lacy and heā€™s only had 3 touchdowns during that time span. If thereā€™s any good news for Lacy itā€™s that Baltimore picked up Robert Griffin III after he missed all of 2017.

That acquisition has worked out for the Ravens and one team (Jacksonville) even tried to trade for Griffin. Owner Steve Bisciotti knows that sometimes taking a risk on a player can be the path to finding a diamond in the rough. Which no doubt works in Lacyā€™s favor but above all he has to be in shape. Being away from the game and losing reps definitely hurts and if Lacy isnā€™t in top form itā€™ll be a missed opportunity for a guy who definitely possesses some talent. Hopefully thatā€™s not the case though and it would be huge for Lamar Jackson if he had Mark Ingram and a reinvigorated Lacy to hand the ball off to. Whether or not that happens is still yet to be determined but itā€™s a step in the right direction for the 28 year old. If all goes well he could have four or five seasons left in him. Lacy shouldnā€™t just settle for Baltimore either he needs to meet with as many teams as possible. Obviously that will improve his chances of getting back out on the field and from there itā€™s about making a little magic happen. Itā€™s definitely a crossroads moment for Lacy because if he doesnā€™t make something happen soon his career will be over. You donā€™t get too many chances in the National Football League.

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Eddie Lacy is hoping to land a job with the Baltimore Ravens.

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