Julian Edelman will return to the Patriots starting line up this year and that’s going to be big for Tom Brady:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Patriots always seem to find a way to get passed an injury and keep pushing on towards their goals. Bill Belichick’s team did that last season when Julian Edelman went down with an ACL tear and New England was a couple scores away from winning their sixth Super Bowl of the Belichick and Brady era. Make no mistake about it though if Julian Edelman was in the line up that night there’s a good chance the Patriots could have put up at least one more touchdown. They would’ve had to make the two point conversion too but having Edelman in the line up definitely makes that game a much closer match up. A couple of breaks here or there and Belichick would’ve had another Super Bowl ring to add to his collection. So you can see how big it is for this ball club getting Julian Edelman back for 2018. Edelman recorded 1,106 receiving yards back in 2016 which gives you a good indication of the value he brings to this passing offense. How Tom Brady managed to pick up the slack when one of his top targets went down is beyond impressive. The good news is Brady doesn’t have to worry anymore Julian Edelman will return and that’s going to be critical when you consider the rapport both of those players have. We’re talking about almost a decade of time spent together in the trenches. Throughout all those training camps and practices Brady and Edelman have hashed out all the little intricacies of each route and passing concept. Edelman is also very good on bubble screens and in the quick passing game. By putting the ball in number 11’s hands Edelman can create plays in space and rack up plenty of yards after the catch. It’s almost like having another running back split out wide because Edelman thrives on making defenders miss and moving the sticks. One thing is for certain because of that Tom Brady has to be upbeat about what the future holds? Number 12 and 11 for New England are definitely one of the better quarterback and receiver tandems in the league and they’re finally back in business.

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Get ready for Julian Edelman’s return to the Patriots!

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