Eli Manning is at a crossroads in his career. Either he proves he’s still capable of winning at the professional level or his career will start to fade away:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The New York Giants have great morale at the moment which is due to the hiring of Pat Shurmur and also because the Giants drafted Saquon Barkley in the first round. One player who must have a big season individually is Quarterback Eli Manning. These higher expectations are going to create pressure for Manning and keep in mind he’s starting to get up there in age too (37 years old). If Manning wants to prove he can still lead this team he needs to come out and throw for at least 28 touchdowns and 4,000 yards. That would be enough to convince Shurmur that he can rely on Manning for at least the next couple of years. Although It won’t be easy to hold off Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta. Those guys are still developing and getting better each day. Manning’s career on the other hand is almost done and he’s starting to lose a step. Lauletta or Webb will eventually be able to compete with Eli Manning once his playing days wind down. So Manning is somewhat playing a game of keeping the wolves at bay. If the two time Super Bowl winner does light it up though he should be able to buy himself some time. Which proves there’s a lot at stake for for the veteran signal caller. It’s essentially sink or swim for Manning and if he doesn’t perform everything he’s built in New York could be over before we know it. You know the motivation is there but can Manning’s body hold up? Does he still have velocity on his throws and is his accuracy still good enough? Those are going to be the things that determine number 10’s fate but regardless it’s been a great run and no one can deny Eli Manning’s legacy.

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If Eli Manning plays well he can buy himself more time. Manning needs to prove he’s still capable of winning.

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