Emmanuel Sanders had a desire to become the best football player he could be and now we’re seeing the fruits of his labor:

Photo credit: Joe Amon / Denver Post

Author: Jon Kuzma

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With Demaryius Thomas being traded to the Houston Texans it became clear that the Denver Broncos see Emmanuel Sanders as a more valuable piece. There’s two main reason why and that’s because Sanders is producing more and he’ll be cheaper for the 2019 season. When you combine both of those factors it became a no brainer that the Broncos should stick with the 31 year old (Sanders). Which is definitely the right decision when you consider he’s already recorded 660 yards and 3 touchdowns. It appears Sanders will surpass the 1,000 yards receiving mark and that means he’s good enough to be a number 1 receiver in the NFL. Ultimately that and the addition of Courtland Sutton made Thomas expendable. Obviously the offense will take a hit and to be honest that’s the last thing Denver can afford. However John Elway felt it was the best course of action moving forward and he also believes he can rely on Sanders to maintain some offensive output in the passing game. If there’s one good thing you can say about the the Broncos leading receiver (Sanders) it’s that he lays it all out on the field every single game. Players who give maximum effort on every snap usually find a way to stick around in this league. Emmanuel Sanders is no different he is very passionate about the sport and it’s not surprising that he’s defied expectations up to this point in his career. On the field the thing that sticks out most is Sanders’ speed and quickness. The staple of his game is being able to improv and respond to the play accordingly. When Keenum buys time with his feet the first person he targets is Sanders and that usually results in a big gain. Those are the things we can expect from Sanders the rest of the way in the Mile High City. So much of the Broncos success will depend on those adjust on the fly moments. Which definitely works in Emmanuel Sanders’ favor.

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Emmanuel Sander’s desire to become the best is propelling his career to new heights. He’s the number one receiver on the Broncos roster.

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