Endzoneblog took the time to rank all the NFL’s quarterbacks. Here is number 1-32.




Photo credit: Keith Allison

1. Tom Brady                                            27. Robert Griffin
2. Drew Brees                                         28. Marcus Mariota
3. Peyton Manning                               29. Sam Bradford
4. Aaron Rodgers                                  30. Brian Hoyer
5 .Andrew Luck                                       31. Matt Cassel
6 .Ben Roethlisberger                         32. Josh McCown
7. Phillip Rivers
8. Matt Ryan
9. Matthew Stafford
10. Eli Manning
11. Tony Romo
12. Joe Flacco
13. Russel Wilson
14. Jay Cutler
15. Andy Dalton
16. Carson Palmer
17. Cam Newton
18. Ryan Tannehill
19. Blake Bortles
20. Derek Carr
21. Teddy Bridgewater
22. Jameis Winston
23. Colin Kaepernick
24. Nick Foles
25. Alex Smith
26. Ryan Fitzpatrick

A look at the top 5:

Brady gets the top spot being the most winning quarterback Super Bowl wise. Brees edged out Manning simply because he has thrown for 5,000 yards 4 times. ¬†Manning barely edged out Rodgers because of his past success but you could say these two are interchangeable. Some people even say “Rodgers is the best QB in the league.” So these top four are really no brainers. The last guy rounding out the top five is Andrew Luck who has been the most promising young quarterback in the league of recent. The rest fall in line based off success, accomplishments, and potential. How does your list compare?



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