Enough with deflated footballs already

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With the Super Bowl a week and a half away you would think that the sports media world would be focused on the biggest spectacle in sports here in America (Iā€™m told the world cup is slightly bigger world wide). That hasnā€™t been the case however with the dark cloud that has been recently looming over the National Football league, which was the alleged deflating of footballs by the New England Patriots. Many analyst and and people in the football community believe the Patriots should be punished for their actions. Yet when you stop to actually think about it, the game was completely out of reach. Now if the game had been twenty one to twenty and the Patriots slightly edged out the Colts then you might have a legitimate point. However the Patriots absolutely trounced the Colts last sunday in a 45-7 victory. Now Iā€™m not saying the Patriots shouldnā€™t be punished. Theyā€™ve developed a track record of suspect behavior between this and the ā€œspygateā€ scandal. So if they have to be docked a mid-round pick then go ahead and do so. Just donā€™t go disqualifying the Patriots from the Super Bowl or banning Belichick from the Super Bowl. The National Football Leagueā€™s image has taken a serious hit this last season and doing something drastic would only damage that image worse. Personally if I was Mr. Gooddell I would have done my best to keep this whole thing under wraps. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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In the case of the deflated footballs the NFL should downplay the incident

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