Eric Fisher is demoted by the Chiefs:


Photo credit: Jason Craven

The 2013 1st overall draft pick taken in the first round Eric Fisher was demoted recently by the Kansas City Chiefs. Fisher who was the most promising prospect in the whole 2013 draft had sputtered out of the gate in his first 2 years of NFL action. After signing a 22.1 million dollar guaranteed contract with a 14.5 million dollar signing bonus Fisher seemed to underachieve time and time again for the Chiefs. The team was looking for a franchise cornerstone type left tackle when they drafted him. Instead they got a player who in just three seasons was demoted to the right tackle position. People in the Chiefs organization canā€™t be happy that they are paying an under producing player that much money. Also Fisher just doesnā€™t seem to fit into Andy Reidā€™s system. Reid even made Fisher switch positions last season and play right tackle instead of left as well. The Left Tackle position being more notable for an offense because it is typically protecting the backside or ā€œblind sideā€ of right handed NFL quarterbacks. The switch showed Reidā€™s lack of confidence in Eric Fisherā€™s ability to protect Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. With more talent coming to Kansas City such as Jeremy Maclin, and Ben Grubbs the Chiefs wanted to have more cohesion offensively. This clearly meant that the former Central Michigan standout Eric Fisher had to be dropped from the starting left tackle position.Ā With the NFL being a win now or youā€™re fired type of league, Reidā€™s success couldnā€™t be left in a player’s hands that he couldnā€™t trust. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Eric Fisher. Will he be eventually left go by the Chiefs? Or will the team just keep him as a right tackleĀ for the remainder of his contract which runs until 2016? The other possibility could be that Fisher learns from this and makes the necessary adjustments to become an effective left tackle. Maybe someday he will beĀ able to regain his starting spot. For the time being however, he will have to make do with the teamā€™s other tackle position.

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