Every year there is an overpriced free agent that doesn’t live up to their contract. Kirk Cousins is going be that guy in 2018:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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If you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan then you have to be upbeat about the signing of Kirk Cousins. Cousins has thrown for three straight 4,000 yard seasons and seems like a promising signing heading into the 2018 season. The problem is Cousins doesn’t have what it takes to put the Vikings on his back and take them to the Super Bowl. Yea the stats are impressive and Minnesota’s new QB can threw the football exceptionally well. However when the pressure is on don’t expect Cousins to handle that adversity well enough to validate the three year $84 million dollar contract he inked this offseason. The Vikings aren’t ok with that either. This team brought Cousins in to get them over the hump and win a championship. Even though Mike Zimmer has a system that will be conducive to Cousins with players like Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs. It takes a quarterback who can rally the players around him when things aren’t going well to achieve this team’s goals. Cousins struggles in that regard and some players in Washington’s locker room doubted whether or not he could handle all the responsibility that came with being the face of a franchise? It feels like Kirk Cousins struggles come from a leadership standpoint more so than actually playing the game. Which might be even more frightening for the Vikings. The last thing you want to do is thrust a player into a leadership role when he doesn’t have that natural ability in him. If you’ve been watching the Vikings’ press conferences you can almost tell Cousins loves being in the spotlight but these preseason interviews aren’t going to determine if he’s successful or not? The end of the season (playoffs) is going to tell Cousins true story and it feels like he won’t be as happy when that time comes.

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Kirk Cousins is the latest overpriced free agent who could wind up a bust.

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