Ezekiel Elliott should be the Dallas Cowboys only focus right now. Jerry Jones needs to reward the best running back in football with a new deal before any other player gets paid:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Right now there’s a lot of commotion about Dak Prescott and whether or not the Dallas Cowboys should pay him? To be perfectly honest Prescott is a 2nd tier quarterback and he doesn’t deserve a $30M dollar a year contract. Instead Jerry Jones’ focus should be on Ezekiel Elliott who happens to be the best running back in all of football.

Elliott has led the NFL in rushing yards twice since entering the league back in 2016. Yet we’re all talking about Prescott and the Cowboys front office are botching this whole process. Paying Prescott will destroy Dallas’ salary cap situation and they won’t be able to sign some of their other players. It’s too risky of a move and the bottom line is Elliott should be the top priority. It almost feels like Jones is still mad at his star running back for getting suspended back in 2017 but he’s still been more productive than any other guy on this roster. Not taking care of Zeke right away sends a bad message to the other players in the locker room and it can’t good for morale. Then the Cowboys selected some other running backs later on in the draft (Tony Pollard/Mike Weber) and it appears they’re contemplating whether Elliott is the one they should get rid of? It’s very possible that Jones ends up shooting himself in the foot and destroys any chance he has at winning another Super Bowl. That would be horrible because they’re closer than they’ve been in a while but this organization seems committed to paying Prescott. Maybe something will change in the future but that’s probably the direction things are heading. It’s mind boggling because their offense can survive without Dak Prescott. However there’s no shot at making the playoffs without Elliott and it’s so blatantly obvious that it’s hard to watch what’s happening down in Texas.

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Ezekiel Elliott needs a new deal before any other Cowboy player gets one.

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