Ezekiel Elliott gets a preliminary injunction which means the Cowboys running back won’t serve any suspension until the court process plays out:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Ezekiel Elliott suspension took an interesting turn when the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Texas ruled that Elliott will be granted a preliminary injunction. What that essentially means is the courts in Texas are weighing their options when it comes to the NFL vs the NFL Players Association (Ezekiel Elliott). The courts are going to decide what the next step in the legal process is but things could end up going to a full hearing. Basically this situation could turn into a cloud hanging over the league just like Deflategate did with Tom Brady. Football fans can’t be happy with that but it’s safe to say most people are siding with Ezekiel Elliott when it comes to these particular matters. Elliott is accused of domestic abuse but through media leaks the public has become very aware with the ongoing investigation. From that information it seems like the NFL suspended Ezekiel Elliott just to make an example out of the young Cowboys running back. While domestic violence is a very serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly keep in mind Elliott has never had any criminal charges filed against him. It also feels like Elliott’s accuser is coming from a position of someone who was upset that Ezekiel Elliott had moved on and no longer wanted to be apart of her life. Pro athlete are targets these days and often times people want to exploit their wealth with false allegations and lawsuits. Maybe the biggest factor in everything that is going on with Elliott is the fact that he was never arrested for domestic violence. That’s going to end up being a very big feather in Elliott’s cap and it’s very possible that the the second year player ends up beating this suspension in court. One thing is for sure you’re going to hear about Elliottgate quite frequently as the NFL regular season plays itself out.

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