Fans are sick of being price gouged by pro sports teams. It’s gotten to the point where the NFL has to make some adjustments or they could risk losing a portion of their audience:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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There seems to be a trend among all pro sports and that’s been a decrease in attendance. With sporting events becoming less affordable for the casual fan it’s actually pushed a lot of people away from the games because they feel taken advantage of by these owners / organizations. Last season the average ticket price for an NFL game was $172 dollars and that’s without paying for parking, food, beer, or merchandise. Keep in mind that’s one ticket too so how is a family of four supposed to catch their favorite team on a Sunday? It’s only achievable if you’re rolling in dough and unfortunately most people aren’t. Still though the NFL needs those viewers and by reducing ticket prices they can at least show their committed to making games more affordable. The other option might be making every team drop their prices for one regular season game but it’s definitely something the front office should consider. The concussion issues, and the National Anthem controversy has deterred a lot of people from watching pro football and this is a chance for Roger Goodell to extend an olive branch to people who are on the fence when it comes to supporting the league. Now would be the perfect time to do so because the National Basketball Association has some serious issues when it comes to their lack of competitiveness (we all know the Warriors are going to win the next three championships) and there’s an opportunity for the NFL to win some fans back. It’s also imperative because the XFL and the Alliance of American Football league will be setting up shop in the near future. Goodell and the people calling the shots in New York need to do what’s right and stop thinking with such a greedy mindset. A little bit of effort to give back to their patrons could go a long way when it comes to building even bigger following.

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The NFL can gain some support by offering a cheap ticket prices to one regular season game. Fans are sick of being price gouged and this would help.

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