Franchise quarterback? Cutler is out, Glennon is in:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Chicago Bears are turning the page from their former franchise quarterback Jay Cutler after Cutler spent 8 seasons in the Windy City. The move will save the Bears $12.28 million dollars in cap space and the opening paves the way for Mike Glennon. Chicago inked Mike Glennon to a 3 year $45 million dollar contract and now Glennon will fulfill that franchise quarterback role. Culter will look to find a new team, one possible destination could be the New York Jets. Regardless if it is the Jets or not someone should make an offer to the 33 year old Jay Cutler. There is no doubt Cutler could start for the Bills, 49ers, Rams, or maybe even the Cardinals. So there is definitely life after Chicago for Jay Cutler the question is whether or not someone is going to want him for a starting gig? Cutler could retire if team’s try to sign him to a back up role, therefore it’s imperative for Cutler’s behalf that some team sees him as a day 1 starter. Teams could choose to develop their younger quarterbacks though and if that does happen Jay Cutler could find himself out in the cold with no offer. Glennon on the other hand is now charged with infusing life into a depleted Chicago Bears team. Last year the Bears had a 3-13 record and they ranked 15th offensively. Adding Glennon should help the Bears improve that ranking but this team has to get better collectively. They found a way to lose a lot of football games last year and they needed a big marquee signing like Glennon to get some positive momentum. Now whether or not Glennon can live up to expectations is really going to be question? Glennon is being paid $15 million dollars annually to lead this football team and now he has to come out and play like a $15 million dollars a year player. That means he has to produce games where he throws 3 and 4 touchdown passes without any interceptions. If Mike Glennon can do that consistently he will be well worth the money.

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