It’s getting harder to defend Mike McCarthy. The Packers head coach has Bill Belichick’s cynical attitude without nearly as much success:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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When you watch Bill Belichick and see him conduct his team with a little bit of an attitude it’s very rarely questioned. Belichick is a 5x Super Bowl winning head coach and his methods have achieved more than most people can dream of. That’s why it’s so hard to watch Packers head coach Mike McCarthy try to emulate Belichick. McCarthy has won a Super Bowl but it’s the lack of originality and the fact that Belichick is so much more successful. First off McCarthy needs to develop his own style and prove that’s he not just riding Aaron Rodgers’ coattails. It takes a level of creativity to be the artist of your own image and brand but McCarthy just stole everything Belichick had already done. The other concern is McCarthy doesn’t carry enough weight to act like that. When Tom Brady went down Belichick put together a winning season with Matt Cassel. McCarthy is dead in the water if Rodgers can’t suit up and lately Green Bay’s commander has been losing his cool on the sidelines too. Last game Mike McCarthy almost fought a referee and that doesn’t send a good message to the guys in that locker room. When the highest ranking coach is losing control the team is going to end up following suit. Things are getting to the point where the Packers need to win this season or a change could end up happening. This organization already fired their offensive and defensive coordinators this past off-season (Which was probably requested by the board of directors). Obviously that’s a clear indication of what’s to come next if they don’t produce some results quickly. So if you read between the lines it’s apparent that Mike McCarthy has a ton of pressure on his shoulders right now. Maybe that’s why we see him so frustrated all the time because he’s starting to realize everything is slipping away.

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Mike McCarthy always has a bad attitude and it’s getting harder to defend him.

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