Give Odell Beckham Jr. credit. When the pressure was on Beckham improved his leadership:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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After a bad start to the off-season which included a video of Odell Beckham Jr. partying a little too hard. Everyone started to get on OBJ about his lifestyle and for being a constant distraction to the New York Giants. Since that has happened though Beckham Jr. has been a perfect example of everything you want from a leader. The high profile receiver showed up to all of the Giants organized team activities and practices without a new contract and really put his ego aside. That effort on Beckhamā€™s behalf won over Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman, and John Mara. Now both sides are hashing out the details of a new agreement and the early reports are Beckham Jr. wants to make at least $20M annually. Antonio Brown is currently the highest paid receiver at $17M per year so if Beckham has it his way he will reset the market. The good news is Beckham Jr. appears to be staying with the team that drafted him after some rumors came out that Big Blue was shopping number 13 Truthfully thatā€™s the best course of action for both sides because this organization needs Beckham Jr.ā€™s talents and the 25 year old (Beckham) will benefit from continuing to build rapport with Eli Manning. Why break everything up when the Giants / Beckham combination has done nothing but produce positive results? There was no need for that to happen and it seems like New Yorkā€™s front office just put that trade speculation out there to humble Beckham a little bit. At the moment it seems to be a strategy that has worked and now everything appears much better for all parties involved. Weā€™ll see if Odell Beckham Jr. can maintain his composure once the games start being played though? Thatā€™s when his emotions will really be tested and maybe we will be writing a complete opposite article a couple of months from now? For the time being though Beckham does deserve a lot of praise heā€™s definitely shown some maturity recently.

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When the pressure was on Odell Beckham Jr. turned into a better leader. The Giants receiver deserves a lot of credit for that.

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