Which player could give a team more run production in 2018? Frank Gore or DeMarco Murray?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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With the Tennessee Titans parting ways with veteran Running Back DeMarco Murray it will be interesting to see where Murray winds up next? Weā€™ve talked all off-season about how the Lions, Dolphins, Bengals, Cardinals and Redskins need to upgrade their running game and Murray could be a solution for one of these teams. If Murray isnā€™t the best choice those five organizations have to seriously consider Frank Gore despite the fact that heā€™s 34 years old. Gore rushed for 961 yards and 3 touchdowns compared to Murrayā€™s 659 yards and 6 TDs. So the GMs in the league have to acknowledge the 13th year pro (Gore) is still a viable option. Which brings us to the next question, could Gore be a better player than DeMarco Murray in 2018? Murray is 30 years old so itā€™s not like heā€™s a player in his early 20s but itā€™s very possible the former Titanā€™s best days are behind him. At the same time though Murray might go to another team and flourish in a lead back role. Even though he lost his job to Derrick Henry in Nashville itā€™s possible Tennessee just preferred the power backā€™s (Henry’s) running style. However you have to believe if Murray was better than Henry he would been on the field more often. Spending a couple million on Gore is quite possibly a better option than Murray because this guy hasnā€™t show any signs of slowing down despite aging well past the 30 years old mark where most RBs lose a step. Then if Gore does have another big year that team could turn around and bring him back on another one year deal in 2019. If youā€™re the Dolphins or Lions thatā€™s an option which must be weighed. Every front office would prefer to go with a younger player but sometimes you need bring in the most competent tailback regardless of their age.

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