Golden Tate is probably the best YAC receiver in the NFL and his character is better than Odell Beckham Jr.’s:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Overall Odell Beckham Jr. is a better player than Golden Tate but believe it or not the gap between those two is closer than people would like to admit. Beckham Jr. is exceptional at creating big plays and there’s no denying that. However Golden Tate brings some unique traits to the Giants’ offense as well. Tate has been one of the best YAC receivers in the NFL over the past five seasons and when you plug in his game film you’ll notice that he breaks more tackles than any other pass catcher in the league.

This guy is so shifty and he is constantly juking defenders out of their cleats. Those are plays that will help limit the loss of Beckham Jr. and the other thing Tate is known for is being a team player. While Beckham Jr. was a fiery competitor who often became disruptive. Tate is always going to be someone who says and does the right things which is actually better for the locker room. Dave Gettleman wanted to get rid of the distraction and build a better culture. Adding a couple of draft picks (1st and 3rd selections), Jabrill Peppers, and Tate will probably be a better move than the public realizes and you have to remember this franchise has already been improving under Gettleman. It’s crazy how the fans have lost sight out of that but if the front office nails another draft then they’ll start to get the picture. Look the offense is going to run through Saquon Barkley anyway and that means the passing game will be an afterthought. When Eli Manning does throw the ball he’ll have a new receiver (Tate) who is going to lay it all on the line for his teammates. Hopefully that’s enough to win some of those New Yorker’s trust back.

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The past five years Golden Tate has been the best YAC receiver in the league. He’ll definitely help the New York Giants.

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