Great Athlete: Josh Gordon is going to feast on NFL defenders this upcoming season. Gordon’s comeback story has just begun.

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Cleveland Browns made a number of significant acquisitions this past offseason but one move that can’t be overlooked is getting Josh Gordon back for the entire season. Gordon played in only five games last year but having him in the line up for all sixteen games is going be such a difference maker for the Browns. There’s not many defenders that can go toe to toe with Gordon and defensive coordinators have a match up nightmare on their hands when they’re playing Cleveland. It really comes down to a combination of size and speed when you’re talking about Josh Gordon’s game. At 6’3 225 pounds the prolific wide out has a frame that can overmatch most defensive backs. Then there was the report by that Gordon clocked a 4.35 40 yard dash. To think that a 6 foot 3 225 pound athlete could move that fast is just unheard of.  With that in mind Tyrod Taylor is coming into such a favorable situation with Jarvis Landry, Corey Coleman and Gordon to throw to. Jarvis Landry in particular is a very special player but it still feels like Gordon is better. Even though Landry is consistent and has great hands. Gordon just has athleticism that’s on another level. All Josh Gordon has to do is stay clean and he’s going to end up being one of the best receivers in all of football. Ability has never once been the problem for this guy, it’s just been all off the field stuff. It feels like Gordon has taken action to improve his life outside of the sport and now that the former Baylor playmaker is at peace. There’s no telling how much further the talented Brown can rise in the future? One thing is for certain though and that’s Josh Gordon is cut from a different cloth. Hue Jackson knows he needs to get his top receiver the ball more than any other player in this offense.

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Great Athlete: Get ready for the Josh Gordon comeback story. It’s coming.

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