The Green Bay Packers are meeting with Drew Lock and that means Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay isn’t secure:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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We’ve heard all off-season about the Green Bay Packers’ problems when Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers were calling the shots. Now it sounds like General Manager Brian Gutekunst is considering life after Aaron Rodgers just four month after firing McCarthy.

This shouldn’t be that surprising because Rodgers is already 35 years old but were so used to seeing him dominate on the field that is does catch you off guard. Quarterback seems like the last position the Packers should be addressing and if they trade up in the first round to pick Lock it will hurt Green Bay’s odds of winning the NFC North. Mainly because Lock would have to sit behind Rodgers and would be a wasted player until he cracks the starting lineup. Instead the Packers should be thinking about taking Montez Sweat, Jonah Williams, or D.K Metcalf depending on whose available at the time. Which is clearly the better move for this team in 2019 but Gutekunst is already looking past Rodgers’ era. The irony is Rodgers was on the other end of it when Green Bay drafted him to eventually replace Brett Favre. It’s crazy to think most of Rodgers’ career is already behind him but it’s been an exciting run up to this point. Rodgers has 1 Super Bowl victory, along with 2 MVP awards, and 7 Pro Bowls. He’s also got the highest quarterback rating in NFL history (103.1) so Lock could end up waiting three years before stepping on the field just like Rodgers did behind Favre. Truthfully this is probably a warning shot by the front office that Rodgers will be held accountable if he doesn’t produce a winning record. Either way it’s not a good sign for the veteran quarterback and the Packers can get out Rodgers’ contract in 2022, saving $50M dollars in the process.

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Drew Lock will interview with Packers and that means Aaron Rodgers’ future isn’t secure.

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