Greg Hardy must hold himself accountable to make the necessary changes:

Photo credit: Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

Greg Hardy is an outstanding football player but he continuously shoots himself in the foot with detrimental personal conduct. After Hardy was suspended by the league for allegedly throwing his girlfriend on loaded firearms. Hardy was then signed by the Dallas Cowboys and in his introduction conference he stated that was going to “come out guns blazing.” The remarks were a testament of how Hardy time and time again does and says the wrong things. Hardy in a recent interview with Adam Schefter stated that he does things with the mindset that he is an “entertainer”. While that was Greg Hardy’s defense it is clear that it comes off more as an excuse. It’s one thing to say inappropriate things but last year in a football game Hardy nearly fought one of his coaches on the sidelines. It was mistakes like that which caused the Dallas Cowboys to move on from Greg Hardy, and that is why Hardy wasn’t offered a contract this off-season. Now Hardy finds himself as a free agent and it appears teams are reluctant to bring him aboard because they feel he will be a distraction for their club like he was in Dallas. Hardy thought he could get away with playing by his own rules but it appears the people writing the checks are unhappy with making a commitment to a player with such bad character issues. While most of the time it’s best to measure a player based on what they can do “on the football field.” Hardy is case where you really have to take in his personality traits and pass behaviors. That is because as a General Manager, you don’t want to be endorsing a player that could potentially put you in position where you’re dealing with a public relations nightmare. If Hardy wants to move on from the bad label he has been given by NFL executives. He will have to do everything he can to keep his mouth shut and just play football. We all know the guy can play but he keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole. If Hardy does indeed receive a contract to play in the 2016 season. He would be best suited to just keep his head down and let his play do the talking. If he does that don’t be surprised to see Hardy having success in the National Football League. Talent was never the issue with this guy.

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