Greg Hardy unlikely to return to the Dallas Cowboys:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Greg Hardy is very unlikely to return to the Dallas Cowboys. After one season with the team and several questionable incidents, the team has decided that moving on would be in the teams best interest. When head coach Jason Garrett was asked about Greg Hardy’s status at the combine Garrett was straight forward. “He’s a free agent” Garrett said, hinting that the players time with the Cowboys had come to an end. While this is a big statement from the head coach in terms of Hardy’s status with the team, it doesn’t come as any surprise. Hardy was a problem child all season long for the Cowboys and his impact was more felt in the rift he was causing with the team. Rather than on opposing quarterbacks like the Cowboys had hoped when they signed the former Panthers pass rusher. Hardy showed questionable character time and time again with the Cowboys and the incident that sticks out the most is when he got in an argument with the team’s special teams coordinator. That insubordination is something that sets a bad precedent with the team and tarnished the teams culture throughout the season. When star players like Romo and Bryant go down, the team must work even harder from a leadership perspective to account for those losses. Hardy didn’t help the Cowboys enough in those desperate times and he even went as far as to set the team back. Even though Hardy did produce six sacks the Cowboys felt that his off the field attitude and mentality outweighed that production on the field. It’s hard to win football games when the team is divided and Hardy was a distraction for everyone else in that locker room. He even was a distraction to coaches such as Rich Bisaccia who was out there trying to execute the game plan for the team. The Cowboys made the right move by choosing to move on from Hardy. Until this guy learns how to keep his emotions in check and until he learns how to be a team player. He shouldn’t be on an NFL sideline.

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