Hard Knocks revealed why the Cleveland Browns have been bad for so long. It’s because they have a losing mindset:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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With the first episode of Hard Knocks airing people were excited to get an inside look at the Cleveland Browns. Even though Cleveland has a 1-31 record over the past two seasons with all the new talent they added there’s definitely a hype surrounding this team. However once the show started rolling we got a clear picture of why the Browns are so bad. It’s because of a lack of leadership from the coaching staff and players. Hue Jackson didn’t have much urgency overseeing things and at one point Jarvis Landry completely ripped the wide receivers room. Landry went on to state that everyone should practice every single day unless their leg is broken. By setting the tone the former Dolphin not only stole the show but he also proved he can hold everyone accountable. It’s starts with players who take the initiative and Jarvis Landry became a fan favorite after the speech he gave. If the other players take a similar approach then there’s a chance the Browns could win five or six games but you can’t expect much more than that. Even with the additions they’ve made Josh Gordon is AWOL at the moment and there seems to be friction between the head coach (Jackson) and his assistants (Todd Haley and Gregg Williams). Although Hard Knocks is cool because we get to see what goes on behind the scenes. It really wasn’t the best look for Cleveland because all of the off-season luster has worn off and now it’s the same team who is coming off the worst stretch in NFL history. Which proves it’s going to be a long shot for this ball club and they still need more time before they can produce a winning record. Overall it was entertaining but it might not have been the best time for the Browns to sign up for this project.

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The Browns probably weren’t the best choice for Hard Knocks.

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