Has Matthew Stafford changed the narrative about him with Rams latest win?

Author: Jon Kuzma


All of those years of being held back in Detroit. Might have actually been a blessing for Matthew Stafford. Because so many times with the Lions. Stafford had to bail his team out at the end of the game. And that was also the case yesterday against the Bucs. Stafford got the Rams out to a big lead. Before Tom Brady and the Bucs came storming back. But when Tampa Bay tied the game with less than one minute left in the fourth quarter. Stafford had to do what he did so many times with the Lions. And that was make something out of a bad situation. And the end result was a throw to Cooper Kupp down the sideline that woke the Rams up. Then Stafford unleashed a deep strike right down the middle of the field. Which set up the Rams game winning field goal. So yes Stafford has changed the false narrative that he’s incapable of winning a playoff game. The people who spread that nonsense better hold their breath. Because Stafford and the Rams look like they’re capable of winning the Super Bowl.