With Luck out Hasselbeck steps up (again)


Photo credit: Angie Six

Author: Jon Kuzma

The photo above might be of Andrew Luck but it is Matt Hasselbeck who deserves all of the praise for the Colts last two wins. In those games which Luck didnā€™t play due to an injury, Hasselbeck came in and showed why he is a bona fide pro. Leading this team to two straight victories and giving the Colts life this season. As far as back up quarterbacks go, Hasselbeck is officially the gold standard. While many teams have a number 2 quarterback that they would dread putting on the field, the Colts have the luxury of having a guy they can rely on. In fact the teams front office has to feel great knowing that if Luck were ever to go down in the future the team still has a chance to win the game. In the two games that Hasselbeck has won he has put together 3 touchdowns and no interceptions for a passer rating of 95.0 overall. While luck has put together 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions on the season for a 65.1 overall passer rating. At this point of their careers regardless of stats Luck is a better player. He is younger, and one of the elite quarterbacks in the National Football League. Matt Hasselbeck on the other hand is an aging pro who is in the twilight of his career. However if he keeps playing like this maybe Hasselbeckā€™s pro career might be longer than expected. Clearly he is a great choice as a back up quarterback and some teams might even be able to use him as a number 1. There are many times during a season when a team in the league will be playing with a quarterback that is far inferior to Matt Hasselbeck. You really have to give this guy a lot of praise for his efforts. Especially since he was able to overcome sickness to lead the Colts over the Texans. A truly remarkable story.



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