Heat check? Yup Cooper Kupp is on fire after recording over 100 yards in four straight games:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Los Angeles Rams suffered a tough 30-29 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks but we can’t overlook how good Cooper Kupp has been playing. Kupp has recorded over 100 yards in four straight games and is clearly Jared Goff’s favorite receiver.

Those two have had chemistry since Kupp came into the league back in 2017. And it’s amazing how well he’s playing considering that he just came back from an ACL tear. Clearly Kupp is healthy because this is the best we’ve ever seen him. Usually when you think about this guy’s style of play the first thing that comes to mind is his route running. However Kupp is getting better in the other phases of the game as well and we’re even seeing him stiff arm defenders and break tackles. So clearly his development is leading to a more well rounded receiver and that’s helped Los Angeles put more points on the board. Against Seattle we seen it when Kupp ran a deep curl route and beat one of the Seahawks’ linebackers for a touchdown. There was also Kupp’s 66 yard touchdown against the Saints which was kind of his breakout moment. On that play Kupp had a dominant run after the catch and completely took over. He’s always been a good football player but now Cooper Kupp is on the cusp of greatness.

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Heat check? There’s no doubt that Cooper Kupp is on fire.


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