Houston Texans news: J.J Watt had enough of Bill O’Brien. The rest is history

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Photo credit: Joe Sargent

Author: Jon Kuzma

J.J Watt and Bill O’Brien worked together for a while. They spent six years together after O’Brien was hired by the Houston Texans back in 2014. But something changed this year when Houston started off 0-4. O’Brien has always been an obnoxious coach that is known for his outbursts. But he was becoming even more frustrated with the team’s performance. So when O’Brien started to turn it up a notch. J.J Watt revolted and why do you think that is? The reason Watt could no longer tolerate O’Brien’s behavior is because of the DeAndre Hopkins trade. Everyone in Houston’s locker room knows how much that trade killed them. And when O’Brien decided to double-down on the “players need to give more effort” narrative by barking at Watt and the rest of the guys. That’s when J.J Watt decided that he need to be a leader and get this situation under control. O’Brien had already done enough damage and it was time to move on.

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