Hue Jackson has projected that Cody Kessler will be the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback in 2017:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Browns finished 1-15 last season but one player may have solidified their starting position with the franchise. That player is quarterback Cody Kessler and clearly Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson has a ton of confidence in Kessler’s abilities. Jackson recently told the media that the other quarterbacks on the roster have to “take it away from Kessler”. Meaning Cody Kessler is indeed the projected starter for the Browns and that’s big news considering Brock Osweiler and DeShone Kizer are both on the roster. Jackson was adamant that Osweiler and Kizer have to beat out Kessler if they want to earn that spot but from the sounds of it Kessler certainly has his head coach’s trust. That’s as good as gold in this league and Hue Jackson is undoubtedly comfortable with the ball in Kessler’s hands. Cody Kessler threw for 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions over the course of his eight starts in 2016. That was essentially an audition for Kessler and Jackson liked what he saw from the 24 year old quarterback out of Bakersfield California. If you don’t remember Kessler also spent four seasons at the University of Southern California as well, so he is no stranger to big time football and he has earned the right to lead Cleveland. Cody Kessler is 6 foot 1 so he is a little short for NFL quarterback standards but he is extremely accurate when throwing the football and he doesn’t turn the ball over very often. Those two factors have possibly elevated Cody Kessler to full time NFL starter status and as long as nothing changes in training camp expect to see number 6 out there leading the charge for the Dawgs in Northern Ohio. Truthfully this isn’t the time to celebrate for Kessler, now comes the hard part of leading this team and showing up to work hard everyday. If Kessler handles those intangibles well we could see a promising young quarterback start to emerge in Cody Kessler. That would be great news for the fans in Browns land.

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