How much fun will it be watching Hunter Renfrow take advantage of single coverage? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


We know Derek Carr and Davante Adams are going off. So defenses will start rotating their coverages to stop those two. Darren Waller is still a Raider. So he’ll get a lot of attention too. Then there’s Hunter Renfrow. He’ll be lined up against a weaker defender. It will almost always be one-on-one coverage. And you just get the feeling Renfrow will have a field day in those conditions. You have to defend the Raiders from sideline-to-sideline now. Which means someone will always break free. With how shifty Renfrow is. It’s a safe bet it will often be him. This offense is going to be exciting like the Greatest Show on Turf was. Davante Adams is Isaac Bruce and Renfrow is Torry Holt. What makes the Raiders really scary though. Is they also have Darren Waller too. Which means you know it’s going to be fun watching them air it out.

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