If Jalen Ramsey leaves the Los Angeles Rams. Two years will be wasted:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Jalen Ramsey said that he’ll show up to the Los Angeles Rams training camp without a new contract. But what if Ramsey doesn’t plan on re-signing with the Rams? Ramsey could have his poker face on because he knows that he plans on cashing in after next season. And if Ramsey left Los Angeles in free agency it would be a complete disaster for the Rams. You have to remember Les Snead traded two first round picks and fourth round pick to get this guy. That’s so much draft capital to trade away and if Los Angeles doesn’t have the player either (Ramsey). They could find themselves in a world of trouble. Looking back at that exchange it’s becoming obvious that Jacksonville got the better end of the deal. Snead has made a number of poor decisions as the G.M of this team. But this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If Ramsey doesn’t stick around then Los Angeles has to fire Snead. Because he’s buried the Rams with some of the choices he’s made. It might not be over yet either. All eyes will be on Ramsey and what he does next off-season?

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