Injury Updates For Wildcard Weekend/Divisional Round

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Author: Joey Carr


Peyton Manning Named the Broncos Starter for the Divisional Round

Probably the biggest storyline from last Sunday, Peyton Manning started the second half for Brock Osweiler after Denver coughed the ball up 4 times in the first half. After Manning stepped in however, the Broncos scored 20 points on some impressive drives, leading to the decision made today that the Sheriff will start Denver’s divisional playoff game. This came as no surprise, as Manning seems to be fully recovered from his foot injury. However, personally, I do not think this was the right decision. Brock Osweiler, prior to Sunday’s game, had performed quite well in Peyton’s absence, throwing for more yards and touchdowns than Manning in fewer games. And you might argue that Manning played well in relief of Osweiler, but I would counter with the fact that Peyton only threw for a handful of yards and let the run game do the rest of the work. So, while the Sheriff might play well in the playoffs, there’s a bigger chance that he’ll lay an egg.

Tom Brady Seems to be Fully Healed from his Ankle Sprain

The hearts of Patriots fans can begin rising up from the bottoms of their stomachs now that Tom Brady is walking without any noticeable limp, two days after he was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain. Seeing Brady go down after a dirty hit by Ndamukong Suh on Sunday surely made every heart in New England drop like a rock, but now, Super Bowl aspirations are now back on the table. It’s unclear if he’s actually “fully” healed from his injury, but now that he’s walking without a limp, a week and a half to get back to form is more than enough time.

Marshawn Lynch Returns to Practice, Should be the Starter for the Playoffs

Several weeks ago, a return for Beast Mode seemed bleak, but he’s now back on the playing field. When Thomas Rawls went down a few weeks ago, the Seahawks were extremely thin at running back, but during this time, Russell Wilson had a historic couple of games. So, when Lynch does return to the field, will it impact Wilson’s performance? Or will it make Seattle’s offense ever deadlier?

Andy Dalton is out of his Cast, A.J. McCarron Will Go Ahead as Starter

Many in Cincinnati thought their season was over when they saw Andy Dalton walk off the field with a misshapen thumb. However, his thumb is now removed from the cast, and should return to practicing late this week or early next week. For now though, second year quarterback A.J. McCarron will be presumed as the starter. He’s played well enough in his three games as QB, and will give the Bengals a fighting chance against the high-flying offense of the Steelers.