Is Deebo Samuel the most dominant player heading into the playoffs?

Author: Jon Kuzma


There’s a lot of dominant players in the playoffs. Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, and TJ Watt all come to mind. But we can’t overlook just how good Deebo Samuel has become. This is a wide receiver that chose to be more than that. He told Kyle Shanahan that he’ll do whatever it takes to win. So the 49ers started handing him the ball. And Samuel also rushed for 8 touchdowns on the ground this year. To go along with his 6 receiving touchdowns. And it’s not just the fact that he’s a dual-threat player. Samuel is physically a juggernaut. He throws people off of him, he lowers his head and puts the boom on defenders, and guys just don’t want to tackle him. That tells you how much punishment Samuel can dish out when he has the ball in his hands. And that will be the game plan for the 49ers. Get the ball in Samuel’s hands, get the ball in George Kittle’s hands, and find a way to win this game. That’s what it will take for the 49ers to pull off a win on the road against the Cowboys.

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