Is Drew Brees getting shoulder surgery so he can make a comeback? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


I think Drew Brees might suit up again. I mean look at this situation. He just decided to get shoulder surgery now? Or is he trying to repair his shoulder and get ready to play? To me it’s an easy answer. Brees is gearing up for another run. He feels healthier now that he doesn’t have a punctured lung and fractured ribs. Brees also wants to make sure his shoulder is good to go. If all of these different parts of his body are feeling better. It would go a long ways in helping Brees get back on the field. The question then becomes where does he play? Obviously the Saints are Brees’ top landing spot. But we’ve also heard his name linked to the Seahawks job. Regardless it does feel like we could see Brees back on the field soon. He’s going to pull a Jason Witten and make a comeback.

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