Is it a bad take to say Jimmy Garoppolo is just along for the ride? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


Jimmy Garoppolo has become a lightning rod for controversy. We’ve all heard about ESPN’s Mina Kimes being hammered for saying that Garoppolo is holding the 49ers back. And while Kimes has done great work throughout her entire career. It’s a horrible take to say Garoppolo is just along for the ride. Because the 49ers wouldn’t even be in the playoffs. If Garoppolo didn’t take over in the second half in that week 18 matchup against the Rams. Then you have to go back and look at how many third downs Garoppolo converted on early on against the Cowboys two weeks ago. And it’s obvious that Garoppolo has been much better than his stats indicate. That might not be the popular opinion. But how many times has the popular opinion been wrong throughout history? The answer is a lot. And that’s why Kyle Shanahan and Deebo Samuel recently defended Garoppolo. And don’t say that this team drafted Trey Lance. So that means Garoppolo is a bad player. Because if Lance was better than I promise you he’d be on the field right now.